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  • 🐶 Google's new multimodal AI, Midjourney v6

🐶 Google's new multimodal AI, Midjourney v6

PLUS: Teleport back to any moment

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • 🤖 Google's new multimodal AI

  • 🗣️ Users Complain Midjourney v6 Is Too Good at Copying

  • 🕒 Teleport back to any moment and revisit your memories

  • 🌐 Tools, Tweets, and Resources

Ready, Set, Go: Today’s read should be just about a 3-minute read.


Google researchers have developed VideoPoet, a new language model capable of creating videos from various inputs like text, images, videos, and audio.

VideoPoet can convert text to video, modify existing videos, and even generate audio from videos.

What VideoPoet can do:

  • Text to video

  • Image to video with text prompts

  • Video to audio

  • Alter an existing video, using text prompts

VideoPoet also can create a short film by compiling several short clips (watch the short film)


After the beta release of Midjourney v6, some users found that its model generates images that are extremely similar, or nearly identical, to existing copyrighted artworks.

A user prompted the model with the phrase "Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie, 2019, screenshot from a movie, movie scene." The output was an almost identical still from the 2019 film "Joker," starring Joaquin Phoenix.


Wist Labs is developing a smartphone app that turns everyday videos into virtual reality (VR) experiences, similar to a concept from Netflix's "Black Mirror".

It allows users to:

  • 📸 Record memorable moments.

  • 📤 Upload them to the VR headset.

  • 🕶️ Watch and interact with these experiences in a 3D VR world.

  • 👥 Invite friends to join in these VR memories.

Capture, save, and relive your memories

The app captures the 3D aspects of footage, transforming regular recordings into immersive, three-dimensional environments. Users can revisit their past, with options to:

  • Rewind.

  • Explore different aspects of their recorded scenes.

Andrew McHugh, the founder of Wist, believes that the right mix of sensor technology and software can create spatial moments that users can step back into, offering a new way to preserve and relive memories.


🤖 Animaker: An AI platform to create animation and live-action videos for non-designers.

🚨 Openlayer: Slack or email alerts for when your AI fails.

👉 AI Emoji Generator: a free tool that harnesses the power of Stable Diffusion to turn text into distinctive emojis. 

🧩 BrickifyMe: An AI tool that allows users to transform images of themselves into custom Lego figures.


The New York Times today sued OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement, citing several examples when a chatbot gave users “near-verbatim excerpts” from its articles.

OpenAI is in talks to raise a new round of funding at a valuation of $100 billion or more, which would make it the second most valuable startup in the world after SpaceX.

TLDR: These are the top companies that may hit big in 2024: Anthropic, Cohere, AI21 Labs, Hugging Face, Aleph Alpha, Scale AI, and Tenstorrent.


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