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Howdy, happy Tuesday, AI family! 🐶

🧵Here are some useful AI updates and tools I gathered today:

  • ElevenLabs' Text to Sound AI wows creators

  • 💻️ Zoom CEO wants AI “digital twins” in meetings.

  • 🤖 How to use AI for business

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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1. Country distribution of ChatGPT users. Almost 50% are from the US.

2. Timeline of AI Deepfake in media

3. Generative Video timeline (from last year)


Newsblocks helps you collect news, use AI to generate summaries, add your commentary, and publish it in minutes.

What it does:

  • Newsblocks is the easiest way to write news-type newsletters for your subscribers.

  • Simply curate content from your browser and let the AI write a bite-sized newsletter.

  • Curate from websites and articles to create one-line summaries or longer detailed summaries.

  • In addition, curate tweets from Twitter to add to your content library.


ElevenLabs introduces Text to Sound, an AI model that generates sound effects, instrumental tracks, soundscapes, and character voices from text prompts.

Here’s what's going on:

  • The tool aims to help film, TV, video game, and social media creators produce high-quality audio content quickly and affordably.

  • They have partnered with Shutterstock to fine-tune the model using their diverse audio library of licensed tracks.

  • Users can generate sound effects by logging in, describing the desired sound, and downloading the best results.

Why does it matter?

It could significantly reduce production costs and timelines by simplifying the development of high-quality sound effects, music, and voices, encouraging smaller studios and individual creators to compete with larger players.

Cool updates/findings

  1. Zoom CEO wants AI “digital twins” in meetings.

  2. ChatGPT is down for 1+ hours for most users. OpenAI has fixed the issue.

  3. ChatGPT introduces Background Conversations for continued voice mode even with the screen off (Android only).

  4. Sam Altman might have zero equity in OpenAI, but his $2.8 billion personal portfolio is absolutely insane. Here are the full lists.

  5. Roman Yampolskiy, an AI safety researcher, believes that the chance of AGI eventually destroying human civilization is 99.9999%.

  6. I put Suno’s new AI music model to the test, and it's a huge step forward in creating full songs.

  7. Nvidia announced Project G-Assist, an AI gaming assistant that gives you in-game help and strategy.

  8. X(formerly Twitter) officially allows porn now.

  9. Elon Musk's cameo from the movie 'Why Him'.

  10. Elon Musk is accused of insider trading, selling $7.5 billion of stock before releasing disappointing sales data that plunged the share price to a two-year low.

  11. Chamath Palihapitiya explains how 1 BTC could reach over $500k per coin by October 2025.

  12. xAI is developing two new modes for the Grok AI chatbot. These new modes are ‘Socrates' and 'DEI' (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

🥚 Eastereggs: Life advice from Reddit

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Does It Exist - a search engine for ideas.

  • Glato - a tool to generate short video ads from a single product link using digital clones and trend analysis.

  • Unicolors - designer will love this. Best color palette generator.

  • Deepshot 2.0 - ai lip-syncing & generation with no limits.

  • PlayPhrase - video quote clips across a vast database.

🤗 Resources

🤭 Meme of the day

If your boss dresses like this, you might be the first to develop AGI

🤗 Good Vids

😮 Things you might like

1/3 The world’s first SCREENLESS Laptop has arrived.

2/3 Cloths that can change their colors, and graphics instantly. Its like a walking billboard.

3/3 AI movie trailer - Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin

ps. the above posts are clickable


🤖 How to use AI for business

1. Get new ideas for your business/startup using AI.

Generate hundreds of new ideas with this.

2. Validate and receive constructive feedback on any startup/business idea, powered by AI.

Your business needs some feedback so that you don't waste your time and money.

Use validatorai.com for that.

3. After your ideas are validated, you will need a name for your business.

Namelix.com generates a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence.

4. You may need a logo now.

Stockimg.ai will generate brandable logos and designs.

Just tell what you want by text and it will generate in seconds.

5. How to raise money for your startup/business:

  • Go to Crunchbase

  • Select similar startup (not competitors) like yours

  • See its investors

  • Get their email with Hunter.io

  • Write a Killer email

  • Use Mailtrack to know who opened

  • Before Pitching

  • Study our collection of top 900+ Pitch Decks

6. Powermodeai.com will help you ideate and pitch your startup.

It will give you:

  • Pitch Deck

  • Your Mission

  • Competitors analysis

  • Revenue model and more...

7. Need websites? Use Dora AI

It's ChatGPT but for websites.

Build real-time 3d websites including images in 30 seconds. 

8. Write your copy with ChatGPT.

Here are the inputs I gave:

  • Word count

  • Product name

  • Customer pain point

  • Risk Reversal

  • Call to action

9. Generate mind-blowing marketing images, social media posts, and website images for your business using Midjourney AI.

Here's a full tutorial on how to do it:

10. If your business also needs some kind of financial support.

Here are the tools:

11. If your business needs tax/accounting help, use Kick AI or truewind AI

12. If you want to explain complex stuff to your employees/customers, use Chartblock for charts.

13. If you need marketing inspiration, use Marketing Examples, Marketing Ideas, Growth Designs.

14. Automate Customer service With AI.

You can focus on running your business while echo.win handles the calls.

  • It picks up your phone calls 24/7

  • It forwards the call to you if needed

  • It takes multiple calls at the same time

15. Detangle.ai will summarize that legal document in human (nonlawyer) language.

Now you can easily understand any kind of legal document.

That’s all for today

Thanks for reading. See you next time! Uff uff 🐶

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