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🧵 Here’s what I got today:

  • 🤝 Ex-Activision CEO and Sam Altman to buy TikTok

  • 😋 OpenAI’s Sora will be publicly available later this year

  • 🌐 xAI will open-source Grok

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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🤝 Ex-Activision CEO could partner with Sam Altman to buy TikTok

TikTok faces a potential US ban due to security concerns, prompting the introduction of a new bill requiring its parent company to sell the app to a US entity.

In a plot twist that could only happen in the tech world, former Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is interested in purchasing TikTok and has discussed partnering with OpenAI's Sam Altman for the acquisition.

The Journal reports that OpenAI could theoretically harness TikTok to train its AI models.


😋 OpenAI’s Sora will be publicly available later this year

OpenAI plans to launch its text-to-video generator, Sora, to the public later this year, according to the company's CTO, Mira Murati.

Initially available to a select group of creatives, Sora can produce hyperrealistic videos from text prompts and will soon add audio integration and editing tools.

What’s it trained on?

While specific training data details weren't disclosed, Murati mentioned using public or licensed data and a partnership with Shutterstock.

Despite its higher operational costs, OpenAI aims to offer Sora at a price similar to its text-to-image model, DALL-E.

Together with Masterworks

🤖 The AI-powered startup unlocking the “billionaire economy” for your benefit

Until recently, the average person would never dream of investing in this market. But a Harvard data scientist and his team cracked the code.

The best part? Everyday people are already benefiting.

All thanks to Masterworks. The platform for investing in shares of blue-chip art. Investors have realized net returns of 13.9%, 14.6%, and 17.8% and more.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns. Investing involves risk. See Important disclosures at www.masterworks.com/cd


Google I/O 2024 Is On May 14th

Google I/O 2024 is poised to significantly emphasize artificial intelligence, while also providing the latest updates on Pixel devices, Android, and various Google services.


🌐 xAI will open-source Grok

A few days ago, Elon Musk announced on X that his startup xAI would soon open-source Grok, his answer to ChatGPT, Gemini, and other famous chatbots.

He has committed to making Grok's code publicly available within a couple of days, a promise yet to be fulfilled 🤞 

What can Gork do better:

A standout feature of Grok is its integration with real-time data from X, enabling it to deliver current news and event headlines upon request—a capability currently unmatched by its peers, except for Bing AI.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

Claude 3 Haiku: It can read dense research papers in less than three seconds.

Synthflow: Create human-like AI voice agents with no code.

AI Agents: Reach every prospect on earth on autopilot.

Wonsulting: Save time and let AI apply for jobs on your behalf.

DiveDeck.AI: A multi-layered content deck builder.

iListen: A tool to turn articles into podcasts.

🔗 Resources

Library: Claude Prompt Library by Anthropic

Guide: Building an AI Salesman in Under 10 Minutes.

A deep dive into Midjourney's new Character References feature.

Guide: A low-code way to learn AI.

Guide: What I learned from looking at the 900 most popular open-source AI tools

📰 Other AI News

Apple Buys DarwinAI Ahead of Major Generative AI Updates Coming in iOS 18.

Sam Altman is back in charge at OpenAI, not just as CEO but also as a board director.

Deepgram launched Aura, a text-to-speech model built for responsive, conversational AI agents and applications.

Meta AI introduces Emu Video Edit (EVE), a model that establishes a new state-of-the-art in video editing.

Google Play will show AI-powered FAQs and recent YouTube videos for games.

Research shows nearly 80% of people in China have a positive attitude towards AI, while fewer than 40% of Americans do.

AI language models are discovering things about the world in the same way that Aristotle did.

😮 Interesting Contents

1/ OpenAI dropped more SORA videos for the public.

2/ Here are the 13 incredible use cases of AR I’ve ever seen.

3/ New video of Figure Robot.

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