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🐶 TikTok new Virtual Influencers

Gemini 1.5 Pro now understands audio

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Howdy, happy Friday, AI family! 🐶

🧵 Here’s some useful AI news and tools I gathered today:

  • 🤗 TikTok’s Virtual Influencers

  • 🎵 New AI tool lets you generate 1200 songs for free

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

Ready, Set, Go: Today’s read should be about a 3 minute read.


According to a report by The Verge, TikTok is developing an AI technology to generate virtual influencers that would appear in videos to promote and sell products for advertisers.

This could change how products are advertised on the site, but it's still being developed, and it's not clear yet if they'll be as effective as human influencers.

From the perspective of the existing creators on the platform, this could pose a major threat to their revenue generation. TikTok's also recently shut down its $1 billion creator fund.


This is the easiest way to create AI chatbots for your business.

Chatling lets you build AI chatbots visually using their drag-and-drop interface and deploy them on any website in less than 15 minutes.

  • Train it on your data, such as your website, knowledge base, and documents, and let the AI automatically handle conversations with your users.

  • It automates customer support, onboarding, lead generation, and sales.

Not only this, but the AI is multilingual, with support for over 85 languages. This means you can reach and engage with your global customer base effectively.

The best part? No coding or AI expertise is needed.

Cool updates

  1. Gemini 1.5 Pro now understands audio, uses unlimited files, acts on your commands, and lets devs build incredible things with JSON mode! It’s all free.

  2. The new GPT-4 Turbo is now available to all paid ChatGPT users. It has improved capabilities in writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding.

  3. Apple is gearing up to overhaul its entire lineup of Macs with an upcoming AI-focused M4 chip family.

  4. Adobe is buying videos at $3 per minute from its network of photographers and artists to build a text-to-video AI model.

  5. Amazon adds Andrew Ng, a leading voice in artificial intelligence, to its board of directors.

  6. Tesla’s Cybertrucks were ‘rushed out,’ and are malfunctioning at an astounding rate.

  7. Why the Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore.

  8. Cruise will resume Robotaxi tests after one of its cars ran someone over.

  9. There are some reasons why Elon announced Robotaxi last week.

  10. A congressman wanted to understand AI. So he went back to a college classroom to learn. He says, “We can’t even imagine how different our lives will be in five years, 10 years, or 20 years, because of AI.”

  11. Google Photos is rolling out free AI-powered editing tools for all users starting May 15.

  12. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has boldly predicted that AI will surpass human intelligence as early as next year or by 2026.

  13. Three major LLM releases in 24 hours.

  14. Students taking Texas' STAAR exams this week unknowingly participate in an interesting experiment—their responses are being graded by a new "automated scoring engine" instead of human graders.

  15. ElevenLabs and Pika are launching a 72-hour FilmFAST from April 12–14, where you can create a short film using ElevenLabs & Pika.

  16. Meta just released the next generation of its custom MTIA AI chip family. The next-gen chips perform 3x better than last year’s v1 across four key model evaluations.


A surprisingly capable AI music generator made by ex-Google DeepMind experts is taking X by storm.

On Wednesday, after months in closed beta, Udio got its public launch, enabling anyone to access the new music generator from the Udio website.

Users can create up to 1200 songs a month for free, choosing genres and styles with text. The AI handles a wide range of music and vocals that sound incredibly realistic and even emotional.

Udio will directly compete with other music generators like Google's MusicFX, Stability AI's Stable Audio, and Suno AI. Wow, it looks like 2024 is the year for AI music as well.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Brilliant - Its ever-expanding library of content will help you master the basics of AI with bite-sized lessons you can do in minutes a day, whenever, wherever (sponsored)

  • V7 Go - Automate multi-modal tasks using GenAI, reliably, at scale.

  • Moby - The only AI that understands your business.

  • Pixite - the ultimate AI tool for custom clothes design.

  • Intellectia - It’s meticulously designed to make complexity of financial data & summary super easy.

  • eezyCollab - AI-powered influencer marketing tool.

  • Naunced - A tool to detect AI-generated images and content.

🔗 Resources

(link) Have 10 hours? IBM will train you in AI fundamentals - for free.

(link) A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your AI Text Sound Human.

😮 Trending on X

1/4 Gemini can read all Harry Potter books at once

2/4 ChatGPT, create a meme only an AI would find funny.

3/4 Photoshop has not changed that much in 34 years.

4/4 AI is a meme machine.

100% completed

That’s all for today

Thanks for reading. See you next time! Uff uff 🐶

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