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New work from Alibaba Group introduces a technique for generating animations from a reference image and a series of poses with the animation. The outputs are insane.

You can also generate dance videos of your completely AI-generated influencer that you are secretly managing.

HOT TAKE: 40 to 50 percent of TikTok influencers may soon be AIs - fake people.

This doesn't just work with realistic humans, but also with cartoon/anime or other humanoid characters.

Positively, in the future what could a model of this type be used for:

  • Fashion - Being able to see how a garment fits you.

  • As AI Content Creators.

  • Gaming and VR (or even metaverse)

  • And obviously, in the VFX industry.

What else can you think of?


Tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to your colleagues? It’s time to delegate that work to AI. Guidde is a GPT-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI-generated documentation.

  • Turn boring documentation into stunning visual guides

  • Save valuable time by creating video documentation 11x faster

Simply click capture on our browser extension and the app will automatically generate step-by-step video guides complete with visuals, voiceover, and call to action.

The best part? The extension is 100% free. Try it here


Voicemod has updated its voice software with an AI Voice Creator. This lets users make their voices by changing gender, age, and tone.

It adds to their 100+ AI voices and includes detailed options like pitch and volume. Users can also share and try voices with Community Voices, promoting shared creativity. It's focused on creating new voices, and reducing legal risks.


💪 Unleash Productivity – Elevate your workflow and save hours with the No-Code AI Toolkit, designed for professionals to harness AI's power effortlessly.

😲 GAIA - It can generate talking avatars from a single portrait image and speech clip. It even supports text prompts like sad, surprise, or open mouth to guide video generation.

🔍 GitBook - It combines powerful docs with AI-powered search and insights to give technical teams a single source of truth for their knowledge. 

🔥 Ardor Fitness - It is a personal AI trainer that evolves with you.

📱 Syllaby.io - It elevates your social media presence with Syllaby.io. Discover viral topics, craft engaging scripts with their AI, and publish captivating videos effortlessly. 

📊 Morph 1.0 is an AI-powered BI dashboard across your SaaS data.


Significant advancements this week from Stanford/USC, Google DeepMind, Meta, Stability AI, Science Robotics, and more.

It’s called AWS Titan image generator. Titan Image Generator is now available in preview for AWS customers and can create new images when given a text description or customize existing images.

Documents show that OpenAI signed a letter of intent to spend $51 million on brain-inspired chips from startup Rain, backed by CEO Sam Altman.

Last week, ElevenLabs launched a tool that changes your voice but keeps its tone and speed. Similarly, Meta's Seamless models do the same thing for translating languages.

Perplexity just launched pplx-7b-online and pplx-70b-online, two LLMs that incorporate fresh knowledge from the Internet in their answers. This makes them better at responding to time-sensitive queries.

Announced back in September, Microsoft is finally starting to roll out its “Cocreator” tool, which brings the power of DALL-E 3 directly to MS Paint.

You can generate an image and work on it immediately without having to switch apps.



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