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🐶 Police Vs Self Driving Car

PLUS: OpenAI was hacked

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In today’s edition:

  • 🚔 A police officer pulled over a self-driving vehicle

  • ☁️ Cloudflare launched a one-click feature to block all AI bots

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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Main AI Updates

A self-driving Waymo vehicle was pulled over by a police officer in Phoenix after running a red light. 🚦 The vehicle briefly entered an oncoming traffic lane before chilling in a parking lot.

Bodycam footage shows the officer finding… no one inside the self-driving Jaguar. Dispatch records say the car "freaked out," and the cop couldn’t issue a ticket to a computer.

Waymo initially zipped its lips but later blamed inconsistent construction signs for making the vehicle go rogue for 30 seconds. Now, federal regulators are investigating Waymo's self-driving software.

Why does it matter?

This incident shows how tricky it is to deploy self-driving cars. As these vehicles hit the streets more often, companies need to make sure they can navigate real-world chaos safely and reliably.

Imagine a tool that not only saves you hours but also perfectly captures your unique writing style, completely mimicking your style.

Unlike ChatGPT, which can produce posts that feel artificial, RedactAI makes your LinkedIn posts indistinguishable from those written by you. 🧠

How It Works:

  1. Input Your Subject and Key Ideas: Pull from YouTube videos, blog posts, or any other content.

  2. Select Your Writing Style: Choose from a predefined style or use your own, linked to your LinkedIn profile URL.”

  3. Generate Your Post: Create authentic and engaging LinkedIn posts in seconds.

Experience the difference with RedactAI, where your unique voice shines through every post.

Cloudflare just launched a one-click tool to block all AI scrapers and crawlers. With demand for training data skyrocketing and sneaky bots on the rise, this new feature helps users protect their precious content without hassle.

Who’s behind the curtain?

Bytespider, Amazonbot, ClaudeBot, and GPTBot are the top AI crawlers lurking on Cloudflare's network. Some bots try to disguise themselves as real browsers, but Cloudflare's ML models still sniff them out.

Why does it matter?

In June, AI bots swarmed 39% of top sites, but less than 3% fought back. With Cloudflare's new feature, websites can shield users' precious data and take back control.

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Data and stats

According to the Society of Authors, generative AI has already caused 26% of illustrators and 36% of translators to lose work.

The CEO of Tata Consultancy Services, a major Indian IT firm, predicts that AI will drastically cut the need for call centers within a year, revolutionizing the industry across Asia and beyond. 📞

What might this future look like?

Bland AI gives us a sneak peek.

Even physical jobs, once considered safe, are now being offshored.

But that’s offshoring of jobs that used to require presence. What about automation and regular manual jobs?

We can see where we are headed. 🤖 🌍️ 

But don’t worry too much.

LLMs began with little hype, but the breakthrough with GPT-3.5 brought significant attention and investment.

Yet, these models depend on global IP, and addressing data ownership could dent companies' valuations. To divert attention from regulatory scrutiny, AI companies hype AGI as an existential threat.

Now, models have hit a plateau because you need exponential data for linear growth. The next step? Access more personal data.

At some point, automated AI training data generation from real life might become an industry, such as automatic labs that collect chemical/physical data or multi-spectral video collection drones documenting the entire world.

But amidst all this, the critical question remains: where do we draw the line? 🚧

Quick updates

  1. Meta AI in WhatsApp is also getting vision soon. Users can ask Meta AI questions about objects or context in their photos. Meta AI will also offer photo editing capabilities within the WhatsApp chat interface.

  2. MrBeast, also known for his philanthropic endeavors, showed interest in running for President of the United States if the minimum age requirement was lowered.

  3. OpenAI was hacked, revealing internal secrets and raising national security concerns — a year-old breach wasn't reported to the public.

  4. Apple will announce an AI partnership with Google at the iPhone 16 event. Reportedly, Apple will announce the addition of Google Gemini on iPhones at its annual event in September.

  5. OpenAI and Time magazine have announced a multi-year partnership that grants OpenAI access to Time's extensive archive, spanning over a century of journalistic content.

  6. A new competitor in the AI video race has emerged. This will generate Hollywood-grade visuals with full scene, lighting, & motion control.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

1/ Job Boardly - Launch a no-code niche job board instantly. Built for SEO & monetization. Get $100 off a lifetime access deal. Use promo code VALLEY at checkout this week only. *

2/ Legaliser - A tool for contract management through automated summaries, compliance checks, and editing suggestions.

3/ LivePortrait - It animates an image from a video reference with incredible accuracy.

4/ Fontjoy - A tool to generate harmonious font pairings.

5/ Hamming - A tool to automate 90% of manual prompt engineering using a self-improving prompt optimizer.

🤗 AI Findings/Resources

1/ How I use AI as a solopreneur.

3/ No one knows how AI works.

😮 Cool Content you might like

1/ An AI ad for the Volvo XC60. This was done in less than 24 hours by one person using AI.

2/ Dancing of the Ocean Waves.

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Meme of the day

Your mouse does not need AI.

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