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  • 📺 The ‘Netflix Of AI’ That Turns Viewers Into TV Show Creators

  • 🍎 Apple’s Siri to get its shot at AI redemption

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Fable Studio has launched Showrunner, a new AI tool that lets users create animated episodes using just a few words.

How it works:

Users can customize your episode by choosing characters, storylines, angles, and shots based on your prompts.

They've also released the first two episodes of "Exit Valley," a new animated series made with Showrunner. The show has a dark, satirical comedy style similar to South Park or Rick and Morty.

The aim is to make animation more interactive and personalized, moving away from traditional, one-sided storytelling.

As we've seen with each new version of ChatGPT, AI is advancing rapidly. Soon, Showrunner might even be able to generate high-quality South Park episodes, which could be a game-changer.


Here’s what's going on:

  • Apple is planning a big AI update for Siri, which could give you the ability to control specific iPhone app features with your voice, according to a report from Bloomberg. The revamped Siri will reportedly arrive next year as an update to iOS 18.

  • There are rumors that OpenAI has closed a deal with Apple.

  • Next week, at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) taking place online. Apple is expected to announce a collaboration with OpenAI.

  • While it’s widely expected that Siri will get at least some AI enhancements at WWDC, it’s hotly debated whether the full functionality that OpenAI’s ChatGPT might bring to Siri will have to wait until later in the year


1. The cost of training GPT-5 model is closing $1.2 billion.

Everything You Should Know About GPT-5

2. Samsung leads in “genAI-capable” smartphone category.

3. NVIDIA announces Blackwell AI chip for 2025, Rubin AI chip for 2026, as it highlights fast pace of improvements.

Cool updates/findings

  1. A hacker has released a jailbroken "Godmode" version of ChatGPT.

  2. ElevenLabs has launched Text to Sound Effects. It's a new AI model that generates sound effects, short instrumental tracks, and soundscapes from text prompts.

  3. This study found evidence that artificial light at night leads to cancer in humans.

  4. Trump joins TikTok, reaches 3.4M followers, as he now opposes the ban.

  5. Google DeepMind released new demos of its Veo AI video generation model. The demo showcases the ability to turn single reference images into new videos with simple text instructions.

  6. MrBeast gained nearly 2.1 million subscribers in a day, his highest ever, to overtake T-Series.

  7. Nvidia unveils next generation of AI chips in bid to entrench market lead.

  8. You.com launched Custom Assistants, allowing users to build AI assistants powered by ChatGPT, Claude, or Meta AI.

  9. Perplexity AI has introduced a new feature called Perplexity Pages, which enables users to create detailed and visually appealing web pages from their search queries.

  10. Google explained the viral mistakes made by its AI Overviews feature.

  11. Nvidia’s G-Assist is an AI chatbot that guides you through games and optimizes your PC.

  12. Suno announced v3.5, which is now available to all users. It lets you make 4-minute songs, provides full songs in a single generation, and more.

  13. Sony plans to use AI to cut film costs, according to CEO Tony Vinciquerra.

🥚 Eastereggs: I Robot, then vs now

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Circle - ai-powered all-in-one community platform for brands, entrepreneurs, and creators*

  • ToolSniper - capture text from anywhere on your screen.

  • Autobiographer - It uses AI to help you tell your life story.

  • Eve - your AI partner in managing work-related stress.

  • AI Notebook App - ai-powered second brain.

🤗 Resources

🤗 Good Vids

AI-powered headphones let you listen to one person in a crowd

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