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  • 🐶 Meta’s latest AI model is free for all

🐶 Meta’s latest AI model is free for all

PLUS: OpenAI holding back GPT-4 image features

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  • 🖼️ OpenAI holding back GPT-4 image features

  • 🤖 Meta’s latest model is free for all

  • 🌐 Wix launches new AI website builder

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OpenAI's multimodal GPT-4 model, with image-recognition capabilities, is being tested for broader release. However, public access to this model is limited due to privacy concerns and the potential to recognize specific individuals.

In partnership with the Be My Eyes startup, OpenAI developed an app to help visually impaired users identify objects and interpret their surroundings.

Although users found it helpful, the app had to limit its facial recognition features due to infringing privacy laws in regions requiring explicit citizen consent for the use of their biometric data.

OpenAI, fearing they might accidentally break privacy laws, pulled the plug on facial recognition. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google are also exploring visual analysis tools in their AI chatbots.

Meta, in partnership with Microsoft, has released an open-source large language model named Llama 2.

This impressive model, which is freely available for both research and commercial use, was trained on a staggering 2 trillion tokens and supports context windows up to 4k tokens. 

For comparison, other large models such as GPT-4 are trained on only 500 billion tokens. Considering these features, Llama 2 appears to be on par with, models like ChatGPT.

You can interact with Meta AI's newly released Llama v-2 series of models from here.

Well, folks, we're entering a new era of "AI-made, human-approved" website design.

On Tuesday, Wix announced a new AI Site Generator feature that enables users to create a complete website just by typing a description and answering a few follow-up questions.

The AI and algorithms then automatically generate the design, text, and images. (It's like hiring a team of digital elves to craft your site while you sleep)

Wix claims that AI Site Generator is unique in that it can build in e-commerce, scheduling, food ordering, and event ticketing components automatically.

Having an audience is one of the biggest level-ups for your career or business, and you don't need a 100K+ audience to make a splash. With 850M+ users, LinkedIn is the place to be right now.

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