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  • 🔍️ Instagram is getting AI-powered search

  • 🫠 Adobe’s ‘Ethical’ Firefly AI Was Trained on Midjourney Images

  • 🤌 + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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Meta is going big on AI yet again! They are slowly adding AI to all their products (WhatsApp, Insta, Facebook), but today let’s talk about Instagram.

They are testing more AI features on Instagram to help users find new reels, posts, or ask questions.

How it works:

The search query in the search bar leads you to a conversation in DM with Meta AI, where you can ask questions or use one of the pre-loaded prompts.

For instance, a video on Threads posted by a user indicates that you can tap on a prompt like “Beautiful Maui sunset Reels” to search for reels related to that topic. This will lead to easy discoverability of contents, significantly saving us time.



Deploy up to 16,384 NVIDIA H100 SXM5 card clusters in as little as 8 weeks!

Hyperstack, an Elite NVIDIA partner, is offering one of the largest and most advanced H100 environments, built on custom DGX ref architecture, starting at just $2.50/hr.

Choose from configurations ranging from 8 to 16,384 cards in a single cluster, with robust 3.2Tbps InfiniBand connectivity and advanced FSaaS storage options.

Get the gold standard in AI today, at scale!

Cool updates

  1. Elon Musk’s xAI previews Grok-1.5V, its first multimodal model.

  2. ChatGPT nears all-time high usage in May 2023, as Gemini, and others grow faster.

  3. The internet is rife with debate over whether Drake’s diss track against Kendrick Lamar and others was created by AI.

  4. GPT-4 Turbo's April update is available on ChatGPT Plus, taking back the #1 position from Claude 3 Opus.

  5. Hugging Face researchers released Parler TTS, a fully open-source, Apache 2.0 licensed text-to-speech model focused on providing maximum controllability.

  6. Google’s new technique gives LLMs infinite context.

  7. Udio’s AI music generator gets positive reviews.

  8. Airchat, Naval’s social app built around talk, was launched to the public.

  9. OpenAI announces a Japan office, along with GPT-4 tailored for Japanese.

  10. Microsoft Pitched OpenAI's DALL-E as Battlefield Use for the U.S. Military.

  11. Google Vids, a new AI-powered video creation app for work with real-time collaboration, was announced.

  12. ChatGPT can predict the future when it tells stories set in the future about the past.

  13. Marc Andreessen explains how AI will amplify productivity to such an extent that the cost of everything from building a house to curing cancer will fall to a penny.

  14. Archetype AI introduced Newton, a physical AI foundational model that is capable of perceiving, understanding, and reasoning about the world.

  15. Poe introduced a new way for model developers and bot creators to generate revenue on the Poe platform


Image Credit: Adobe and Midjourney

Adobe markets its AI image generator Firefly as ethical, primarily using images from its own licensed Adobe Stock library.

However, a Bloomberg report suggests flaws in this image, revealing that some training data might have originated from unverified sources, including competitor Midjourney.

Why is this such a big deal?

When Adobe first launched Firefly, it offered an indemnity against copyright theft claims for its enterprise customers as a way to convince them it was safe.

The sense was that any image made with Firefly was safe to use without the risk of being sued for copyright theft.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Supercloud - Deploy up to 16,384 NVIDIA H100 SXM5 card clusters in as little as 8 weeks. (sponsor)

  • Interview with AI - It provides mock interview sessions with a virtual HR expert.

  • Book Summaries - Explore chapter-level summaries of bestselling books.

  • Taskade AI Agents - Write articles, perform research, summarize findings, and edit content—all at once.

  • ByteCap - A tool to generate custom captions for videos.

  • Musho - An AI design assistant in Figma that turns prompts into on-brand designs.

  • LangAI - The most natural way to learn a new language.

  • Magictime - A tool to generate time-lapse videos.

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2/3 Udio is wild.

3/3 MKBHD slams Humane AI Pin

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