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  • 🧠 A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your AI Text Sound Human

  • 🔮 AI Experts think this mysterious “gpt2-chatbot” might be an early GPT-5

  • 🤌 6 Cool AI/Tech updates

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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Source: Sam Altman

A mysterious new AI model called “gpt2-chatbot” is going viral. It was released without official documentation, and there is speculation that it could be OpenAI's next model.

Not only does it seem to show incredible reasoning, but it also gets notoriously challenging AI questions right with a much more human-like tone.

The model's outputs are distinctively similar to OpenAI's models, including specific vulnerabilities and response styles.

There are a couple of speculations going around in the industry that gpt2-chatbot is: 

  • It's secretly GPT-5 released early OpenAI can benchmark it 

  • It's OpenAI's GPT-2 from 2019 fine-tuned with modern assistant datasets

Sam also tweets about it:

GPT-2 is the standard spelling and is the 1.5 billion parameter model introduced in 2019. It was specifically changed to gpt2, and I can only understand it as a hint that a big move is about to be released.

You can try out gpt2-chatbot for free by visiting chat.lmsys.org.


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Cool updates

  1. GPT-5 is really close. OpenAI is widely expected to be gearing up for the release of its next major model, the GPT-5, this summer. 

  2. GitHub is releasing a new AI-powered developer environment called Copilot Workspace. It allows developers to turn an idea into software code using natural language.

  3. OpenAI enhances ChatGPT with user-specific memory updates. The update enables ChatGPT to provide more personalized and contextually relevant responses over time by storing details about users' preferences and interactions. 

  4. The Financial Times has signed a deal with OpenAI to license its content for developing AI models and allow ChatGPT to answer queries with summaries attributable to the newspaper.

  5. ChatGPT has a specialized version called "GenomeGuide for CRISPR Research," focusing on genetic engineering. 

  6. The space industry is advancing its efforts to integrate AI in space and how satellites increase autonomy and handle the increasing data from space.


🧠 A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your AI Text Sound Human

Can text written by AI sound like a human wrote it? Yes, it's possible to tweak AI-generated text so it feels more human.

You need to inject personality, warmth, and sometimes even humor to bring the text to life.

Follow these 8 points to convert AI text to human text.

1. Vary Sentence Structure

Varying sentence structure makes AI-generated text feel more natural and human-like. AI models often repeat the same sentence patterns, making the text sound robotic. By using a mix of simple, compound, and complex sentences, the flow of the text improves.


  • Simple sentence: The dog barked.

  • Compound sentence: The dog barked, and the cat meowed.

  • Complex sentence: While the dog barked loudly, the cat meowed softly.

2. Add Filler Words

People often use filler words such as "well", "basically", "you know", "um", and "like". While too many can distract, a few make text seem more like natural speech. These words are part of casual talking.


  • "Well, I think option B is better."

  • "Like I said, we need to finish this project soon."

  • "You know, at this point, I'm just making things up as I go."

3. Incorporate Slang/Idioms

Using common slang and idioms correctly can make AI text sound more natural, like real people talking informally. It’s important to fit them into the right situations.


  • No way, that project was a total nightmare to finish.

  • She's been feeling under the weather all week with the flu.

  • I'm just going to wing it for my presentation today.

4. Adjust Formality

AI models often use a formal tone that can come across as stiff. Changing how formal the language is, depending on who you're talking to or what it's about, can make the text seem more natural. Talking casually with friends is different from writing a professional report.


  • Formal: Please be advised that the event has been postponed until next month.

  • Informal: Heads up, we're pushing the event to next month instead.

5. Fix Unnatural Phrasing

AI language models sometimes create phrases or sayings that don't sound right to human listeners. It's key to spot and rewrite these parts to make the text flow better.


  • AI phrasing: He ran at a jaw-dropping pace.

  • More natural: He ran at an impressively fast pace.

6. Add Humor/Emotion

AI-written language can come across as lacking warmth, feeling, and humor. Adding jokes, showing feelings, and putting your personal touch into the text can make it feel more real and engaging.


  • Ugh, Mondays...am I right? But at least we have this team meeting to look forward to!

Final Words

Follow this guide and make AI-generated text sound more like it came from a human. By applying these steps, you transform the output into something that feels personal, relatable, and engaging.


It’s a 12-ton, combat vehicle that navigates autonomously.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Brilliant - Its ever-expanding library of content will help you master the basics of AI with bite-sized lessons you can do in minutes a day, whenever, wherever (sponsored)

  • Play AI - the voice interface of AI. Talk with AI about coding, tech, movies, etc.

  • Notta Showcase - AI dubbing and video translation for content in 15 languages.

  • Offthreadr - AI-powered course platform to learn on the go!

  • Ostendo - Screenshotting Tool for YouTube Thumbnails

  • Chat Thing - Create magic AI chatbots easily

  • Vibecheck - searches reviews from Redditors to find the best products.

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