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In today’s edition:

  • Runway launches new model Gen-3 Alpha

  • 🔉 Google Deepmind generates audio for silent videos

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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"We’re racing with the machines, not against them." — Charles Petzold

🤖 Main AI Updates

Runway launched Gen-3 Alpha, its latest AI model for generating video clips from text descriptions and still images.

It's like every week is Christmas again. First Luma Labs’ Dream Machine, then Kuaishou's Kling, and now it’s Runway Gen-3 (AI videos are flying to the moon.)

Why Gen-3 is different:

  • The model can handle complex scene changes and a wide range of cinematic choices. The model has been trained with highly descriptive, temporally dense captions/texts.

  • However, what stands out immediately is the photorealism—especially with human faces, gestures, and emotions (this is close to OpenAI’s Sora)

  • Runway partnered with entertainment and media organizations to create custom versions of Gen-3 for more stylistically controlled and consistent characters, targeting specific artistic and narrative requirements.

Here are 10 examples of Gen-3 - take a look 👀 

Why does it matter?

As competition in AI video generation heats up, Runway's Gen-3 Alpha empowers artists and filmmakers to create high-quality, controllable videos with ease, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and creative possibilities.

No, robots aren’t replacing us tomorrow: But yes, understanding AI and how to put it to work is essential to staying competitive.

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  • Their first-principles approach helps you master any concept easily.

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Sound is a critical part of making a good video.

This is why, despite the realism of the output from tools like Google's Veo, OpenAI's Sora, and Runway's Gen-3 Alpha, the videos often feel lifeless.

Google Deepmind's latest AI model hopes to fill this void by generating synchronized soundtracks for your video. It's pretty wild.

Google's V2A (video-to-audio) technology generates musical score, sound effects, and voice over dialogue that 'matches the characters and tone of a video'.

To enhance audio quality and enable more specific sound generation, DeepMind trained the model on additional data, like AI-generated sound annotations and dialogue transcripts.

Why does it matter?

The technology could help revive and enhance historical footage, silent films, and other archival material. However, generative AI tools like V2A also threaten to disrupt the film and TV industry, potentially eliminating jobs without strong labor protections.

Here are 4 examples - turn your sound on.

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🤔 Our take

Full feature-length film AI studio is almost here!

  • Synthetic character generation? Solved

  • Temporal Consistent Animation? Solved

  • Voice cloning? Solved 

  • Image to video? Solved

  • Text to video? Solved

  • Lip Sync? Solved

  • Video to audio? Solved

  • Text to audio(music generation)? Solved

PS: take it with a grain of salt. Quack, Quack

🤌 Quick Tech/AI updates

Clone robots

  1. Clone is building low-cost, biomimetic, and intelligent androids, trained to perform all the common labor for daily life. These next 5 years are going to change everything.

  2. Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board. Nakasone will participate in the board's safety and security committee for critical decisions on OpenAI projects.

  3. LinkedIn introduces new AI tools. The aim is to streamline job searches, write cover letters, personalize learning, and more.

  4. Google is redesigning its search engine — and it’s AI all the way down. “What we see with generative AI is that Google can do more of the searching for you,” says Liz Reid, Google’s head of search.

  5. Perplexity now displays weather, currency conversion, and simple math directly through cards. This move aims to keep users from going to Google for such results.

  6. TikTok introduces gen AI avatars of creators and stock actors for ads. "Custom Avatars" allow creators to scale their likeness for multilingual avatars and brand collaborations, while brands can use pre-built "Stock Avatars" to add a human touch.

  7. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is considering restructuring OpenAI into a for-profit benefit corporation, a move that could lead to an eventual IPO and allow Altman to take a stake in the company.

  8. Google is rolling out a new option called “Listen to this page” that can read a webpage out loud to you from within the Android Chrome browser. It’s just like a podcast.

  9. Apparate Labs introduced PROTEUS, a low-latency foundation model for generating highly realistic and expressive humans.

🔗 Useful AI Links

Trending Tools

PlugBear - Integrate your custom GPTs/Claude into Slack/Discord/Teams/Zendesk/HubSpot in 10 minutes. No coding is required.

Wallpaper AlA high-resolution wallpaper generator that uses AI to create wallpapers for smartphone or desktop.

Humanize AI Text - Transform AI writing to be more human-like.

Summit - The AI life coach for your biggest goals.

Drip - AI-powered introspections & journaling.

AI Findings/Resources

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