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Google is counting on its very own GPT-4 competitor, Gemini, so much that it staged parts of a recent demo video.

Google has acknowledged that its promo video for the Gemini, which garnered significant attention, was edited to enhance its presentation.

This included speeding up responses and using text prompts with still images instead of real-time voice or video interaction.


Meta is updating its AI features on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp with:

  • Meta AI Evolution: Improved virtual assistant for better responses and search accuracy, accessible via message, group chat, or Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

  • Meta AI Integration: AI now enhances Facebook and Instagram, offering post comments, chat suggestions, and creative tools like "imagine with Meta AI."

  • Reimagine in Group Chats: In Messenger and Instagram, "reimagine" allows users to collaboratively create images in group chats.

  • Enhanced Facebook Experience: Meta AI helps in creating birthday messages, editing posts, setting up groups, and more on Facebook.

  • AI for Creators: AI tools assist creators in managing DMs and engaging with audiences.

  • Imagine with Meta AI: The text-to-image feature "imagine" is now available online for creative use.

  • Transparency and Safety: New features like invisible watermarking for AI images and red teaming for AI safety.

Meta is focused on making AI more interactive and immersive across its platforms.


Aircall’s AI Starter empowers you to automate customer service tasks and improve your team's productivity.


💡 Innovating with AI - Master AI Automation with the free No-Code AI Toolkit.

🗣️ Elsa Speak - An AI-powered language learning app that utilizes advanced speech recognition technology.

🔍 Competely is an AI-powered tool that generates competitive analysis for your product - within minutes. 

💼 Respell is an AI-first platform designed to automate knowledge work. Featuring Elle, an intuitive chat agent that learns your team’s processes and data over time to suggest new automation. 

🎨 DesignSense AI helps redefine interior aesthetics with the power of AI. Take a photo of your space and their AI technology renders it in 32+ styles. 




Move AI offers tools for 3D animators to capture motion data with phones and cameras, using AI to create realistic human animations for digital content.


In this article, we showcase the best TTS startups of the past year, whether you’re building a GPS system, designing a video game, or forging a verbally conversational AI, these startups will have exactly what you need.

Starting in 2024, McDonald's will use generative AI technology with Google's help. This will update their stores, ordering kiosks, and mobile app, aiming to make operations better and improve customer experience.

He faced a rollercoaster journey this year—fired and reinstated within five days. Moreover, his event coincided with the release of ChatGPT-4, transforming OpenAI into an $80 billion entity. 

Zillow's new AI natural-language search lets users find homes by chatting, making house-hunting easier. The AI understands human-like sentences, analyzing millions of listings to answer queries.

The FDA recently approved a groundbreaking gene editing therapy using CRISPR for sickle cell anemia. This therapy, not a complete cure, could reduce the need for bone marrow transplants.




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