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🐶 Google AI search is naughty

PLUS: Canva is rolling out new AI features

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Howdy, happy Tuesday, AI family! 🐶

I'm sitting by the window writing today's newsletter, and it's pouring outside. The sound of the rain is pretty relaxing, and it feels like the perfect setting to share the latest updates with you.

🧵Here are some useful AI updates and tools I gathered today:

  • 🔍️ Google AI search is naughty

  • 🤖 Canva is rolling out new AI features

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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Google’s AI-generated answers have gained a lot of negative mainstream media coverage as people have been sharing numerous examples of AI Overview fails on social media.

Just look at all the coverage:

A few examples of Google’s AI Overviews:

  • Google said you should eat at least one small rock a day

  • Google suggested using non-toxic glue to give pizza sauce more tackiness. (This advice apparently was traced back to an 11-year-old Reddit comment.)

Google AI Overviews and Search have severe, fundamental issues. Trust in Google Search is eroding – even if Alphabet is making billions of dollars every quarter.

As that trust erodes, people may start searching elsewhere, which will slowly trickle down and hurt Google’s revenue.


The ball-park isn’t the only place to look for home runs. Best Buy has a proven record of placing early bets on home-tech products that go on to dominate the market.

  • Ring - acquired by Amazon for $1.2B

  • Nest - acquired by Google for $3.2B

Early investors in these companies are sitting on some serious returns, but for the rest of us, there's still a chance to get in on the action with RYSE.

History repeats itself, and RYSE's launch in +100 Best Buys points to their company being the next home run.

Their Smart Shade tech is poised to dominate an industry growing at 50% annually, and there's still time to invest in their $1.50/share public offering.

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1. Nvidia is showing no signs of slowing down.

The chip designer and AI leader delivered another blockbuster earnings report on Wednesday

2. NVIDIA CEO Huang reaches $91B net worth, 17th richest, ahead of Waltons

3. So far, most AI-related cuts have been in the tech industry

Source: Business Standard

Cool updates/findings

  1. Elon Musk’s AI startup, xAI, has secured $6 billion in a Series B funding round, with investments from prominent backers like Valor Equity Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, etc.

  2. Chinese Army was seen walking with Robo Dog, equipped with a machine gun.

  3. The Internet Archive (a website with over 20000000 freely downloadable books and texts) is under a DDoS attack.

  4. Microsoft is being investigated over a new ‘Recall’ AI feature that tracks your every PC move.

  5. Foldable MacBook could come in 2026, rather than 2027.

  6. Introducing "Flipper Zero." This might break into your home car or safe.

  7. OpenAI has recently begun training its next frontier model, and we anticipate the resulting systems will bring us to the next level of capabilities on our path to AGI.

  8. YouTube Music has introduced a new AI feature that lets users search for songs by humming or singing a melody.

  9. The future of financial analysis: How GPT-4 is disrupting the industry, according to new research

  10. Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a groundbreaking artificial intelligence system called "Target Speech Hearing" that allows headphone wearers to isolate and listen to a single speaker in a noisy environment. 

  11. Apple is reportedly working on a gen AI-powered custom emoji tool for iOS 18 that lets users create personalized emojis. 

  12. The FCC has proposed a hefty $6 million fine against a scammer who impersonated President Biden using voice-cloning technology in robocalls during a New Hampshire primary election. 

  13. 911 first responder drones are coming. 

🥚 Eastereggs: Mr Beast secrets

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Arrange - ChatGPT for your calendar.

  • IKI.AI - LLM powered intelligent knowledge interface.

  • Fontshare - Quality fonts for free.

  • Lindo - Describe your business and get everything you need, from landing pages to automated organic lead generation with AI.

  • Keymate - Elevate your research, projects, and daily use with search, browse, and long-term memory.

  • Doly - It lets you generate 3D product videos from your iPhone.

  • Pyoneer - Your Excel automation engineer.

  • Visualizee - AI rendering tool to create realistic visualizations.

🤗 Resources

🤗 Predictions

🤗 Good Vids

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1/2 Microsoft CTO Kevin_Scott on what you should be building in the age of AI. Anything that used to be impossible is now merely hard.

2/2 An iPhone Shortcut that when I tap twice, automatically explains what I’m seeing real-time using GPT-4o

ps. the above posts are clickable


Canva is launching a redesigned platform with new AI features and tools for professional teams and workspaces. The company has introduced Canva Enterprise, a specialized tier offering more control over collaboration, brand management, and security for larger organizations.

New features include AI style matching for brands, customizable folder displays, and the ability to "star" designs and templates for easier access. Canva Docs now has a suggestion mode for editors and colorful highlight blocks for text emphasis. New "Magic Studio" AI tools include:

  • Automatic clip highlighting.

  • Background noise reduction for video editing.

  • A text-to-graphic image generator.

Why does it matter? 

Canva aims to reduce organizational complexity and "app sprawl" by offering a comprehensive creative platform. This update addresses the growing need for extensive, user-friendly solutions that can replace multiple design, AI, and workflow apps.

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