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🐶 Elon Musk unviels Robotaxi

Spotify's new AI playlists

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Howdy, happy Tuesday, AI family 🐶

🧵 Here’s what I got today:

  • 🚖 Elon Musk announces Robotaxi

  • 🎵 Spotify's new AI playlists

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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Elon Musk announced that Tesla will unveil its robotaxi this summer.

The X owner and Tesla CEO unveiled the Aug. 8 release date on a post Friday.

Tesla models with FSD (full self-driving) "will be superhuman to such a degree that it will seem strange in the future that humans drove cars, even while exhausted and drunk!" he said in a post on X in March.

It will directly compete with major players like Google’s Waymo, GM’s Cruse, Baidu, Zoox, etc.

Here’s how Waymo’s robotaxi drives at the moment:

Shares of Tesla surged nearly 4% to $171.19 in extended trading Friday following the announcement.


This is the easiest way to create AI chatbots for your business.

Chatling lets you build AI chatbots visually using their drag-and-drop interface and deploy them on any website in less than 15 minutes.

  • Train it on your data, such as your website, knowledge base, and documents, and let the AI automatically handle conversations with your users.

  • It automates customer support, onboarding, lead generation, and sales.

Not only this, but the AI is multilingual, with support for over 85 languages. This means you can reach and engage with your global customer base effectively.

The best part? No coding or AI expertise is needed.

Other AI Updates

📸 Apple just licensed 450 million images from Shutterstock, the world's leading stock imagery provider, in a deal worth tens of millions.

🗣️ NYT will soon offer most articles via automated voice. The move will help position the Times as one of the biggest audio news companies globally.

📱 Google is bringing its AI chatbot, Gemini, to the Android version of the Google app. Users can access Gemini by tapping its logo at the top of the app, opening a chatbot prompt field. 

💰 The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that investors close to Elon Musk are in talks to help xAI raise $3 billion as part of a new fundraising round.

🤖 The New York Times reports allegations against OpenAI and Google for possibly using YouTube video transcriptions to train AI, violating YouTube's policies.

💸 Google is reportedly introducing a paywall for premium AI-generated content, adding to its subscription services, which include the AI assistant Gemini.

🧠 Elon Musk recently predicted on X that AI could outsmart any human by next year's end. He mentioned Grok V2, expected to surpass GPT-4, is set for completion in May.

📊 Meta is launching the open-source Llama 3 model next week, targeting developers with its less restrictive design amid the AI rivalry with OpenAI and Google.

💰 OpenAI's Sam Altman and ex-Apple designer Jony Ive are discussing raising $1B for their stealthy AI device firm, which notably will not resemble a phone.


Spotify announces a new AI playlist feature that generates personalized playlists based on user prompts, now available exclusively for premium subscribers in the UK and Australia.

How it works:

  • Users provide a unique prompt describing their music preferences. Spotify's AI then generates a playlist tailored to themes like locations, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, and emojis.

  • The richness of your input enhances the playlist's customization. Mix genres, moods, artists, and eras for a more tailored experience.

  • Fine-tune your playlist with feedback such as "more pop" or "less upbeat."

  • Once satisfied, click "Create," and your customized playlist is instantly saved to your library.

For the ultimate personalized experience, Spotify recommends combining genres, moods, artists, and eras in your prompts.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Abel - Review legal records 10x faster with AI.

  • Nuanced - Detecting authenticity in the age of AI.

  • Gobble Bot - All-to-1 scraper for GPTs.

  • Eververse - Build your product roadmap at lightspeed with AI.

  • Tradepost - Master the Markets with AI-Powered News Analysis.

  • SearchLight - AI-Powered Talent Evaluation for Recruiters.

  • Melodisco - AI music player.

  • MapStory - Create map story(travel stories, map-based events) with AI.

  • Maia - aims to empower couples to build stronger relationships through AI-powered guidance.

🔗 Resources

(link) The Top 100 AI for Work, April 2024

(link) Your guide to AI for April 2024.

(link) Build Custom AI Image Processing Workflows Without Code

😮 Trending on X

1/4 Deepfake: Musk and Kanye in a never before seen interview.

2/4 This tool will replace anyone from a video.

3/4 Multi-image prompts in real-time.

4/4 The bosses of rival chip giants Nvidia and AMD are cousins.

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