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  • 🐶 Elon Musk drops real-time 𝕏 news

🐶 Elon Musk drops real-time 𝕏 news

OpenAI is working on web search engine

Howdy, happy Monday, AI family! 🐶

🧵Here are some useful AI updates and tools I gathered today:

  • 📲 🗞️ Elon Musk launches real-time 𝕏 news

  • 🤖 Nvidia’s DrEureka can automate robot

  • 🔍️ OpenAI is working on web search engine

  • 🤌 10 Cool AI/Tech updates

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

Ready, Set, Go: Today’s read should be about a 3.5-minute read.


X has unveiled a new feature called Grok's Stories, powered by its AI chatbot, Grok.

This feature provides Premium subscribers with real-time AI-generated summaries of a wide range of topics, from tech events to industry trends, enhancing the user experience.

The For You page serves as a curated space, showcasing popular news and stories circulating within the user’s network, alongside other recommended content. 

Why it’s important:

It signals a shift in the market landscape, posing challenges for traditional news publishers to maintain readership in the era of AI-driven content curation.


In robotics, one of the biggest challenges is transferring skills learned in simulation to real-world environments. NVIDIA recently revealed DrEureka.

It automates the entire sim-to-real process for robots. It allows them to learn new skills in simulated environments and deploy them in the real world.

How does it work? 

DrEureka builds on NVIDIA’s previous project, Eureka, which trained a robot hand to spin a pen. It’s a more advanced AI that writes its own codes to train robots in simulations and then transfers these skills to real-world tasks automatically.

This automation is significant because it eliminates the need for experts to manually adjust each parameter, such as gravity and friction. DrEureka does all this on its own and even explains the changes it makes.


OpenAI is rumored to be launching a new search engine that could compete with Google, which has dominated the search market for over two decades.

This new engine will use ChatGPT technology to provide a more interactive search experience, similar to Perplexity and Google Gemini, allowing users to ask questions in natural language.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, believes that this could revolutionize how we search for and interact with information online, moving away from the traditional model of ads and links to a more intuitive system. The goal is to integrate real-time data more deeply, making the search results more relevant and up-to-date.

Curated updates

  1. YouTube tests out using AI to skip to the good part.

  2. A cool app that adds any 3D model to your real footage video instantly.

  3. Microsoft’s OpenAI investment was triggered by Google's fears, emails reveal.

  4. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman promises "with a high degree of scientific certainty" that GPT-5 will be smarter than the "mildly embarrassing at best" GPT-4.

  5. Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unveiled 'Victoriya Shi', the world's first AI diplomat. This AI-generated avatar will present pre-prepared official statements on behalf of the ministry.

  6. Google DeepMind introduces Med-Gemini: A Groundbreaking Family of AI Models Revolutionizing Medical Diagnosis and Clinical Reasoning.

  7. Nick Bostrom: superintelligence could happen in timelines as short as a year and is the last invention we will ever need to make

  8. Humans now share the web equally with bots, report warns amid fears of the ‘dead internet’

  9. Country singer Randy Travis has released a new song, "Where That Came From," his first since losing his voice to a stroke in 2013

  10. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall took the first flight in an experimental F-16 fighter jet, which was entirely controlled by AI. What this means for war.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Circle - ai-powered all-in-one community platform for brands, entrepreneurs, and creators.

  • Instaclass - make a masterclass on anything with the best content already on the internet.

  • UNA - immigration plans made easy with AI

  • AaRead - read webpages fast and without tiring your eyes

  • Brainey docs - convert PDFs into Explainer Videos using AI

  • Hunch - chain together AI tasks in a visual, no-code workspace

🤗 Good Videos

😮 Trending Posts on X

1/2 Sora is capable of rending a video + changing just a single element (still in research, not yet available to the public)

2/2 AI is about to change the VFX industry

100% completed

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