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  • 🍎 Apple-Google AI Merge

  • 🚀 3 takeaways from Nvidia's GPU Tech Conference

  • 🌐 xAI will open-source Grok

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

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this image is from 2017

Apple is talking with Google about using Google's Gemini AI on iPhones, similar to their past teamwork on the Safari search engine.

They want to use Gemini to help with Siri and improve iPhone apps, and they also plan to add their own AI features to the next version of the iPhone's operating system, iOS 18.

This deal could be good for both companies: Apple would get a quick way to join the AI market, and Google could show off its AI on more devices.

Working together could create better products and compete against other companies like OpenAI and Microsoft.


1/ Nvidia revealed Project GR00T.

  • GR00T is a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robot learning in simulation and the real world.

  • It takes multimodal instructions and past interactions as inputs and produces the robot's actions.

2/ Jensen Huang also unveiled Blackwell, the 'World's Most Powerful Chip'

  • It reduces cost and energy consumption by up to 25x over an H100

  • GPT-4 contains 1.8T parameters, and 2000 Blackwell chips could finish training the model in 90 days.

3/ Nvidia also introduced new tools for people making self-driving cars and launched the Nvidia NIM software.

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Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, recently talked about GPT-5, Sora, his ideas on artificial general intelligence (AGI), and more on the Lex Fridman Podcast.

Here's a summary:

  • OpenAI plans to launch a fantastic new model this year and several other projects soon.

  • Altman mentioned that GPT-4 was disappointing, but the upcoming GPT-5 will be a big improvement, similar to the jump from GPT-3 to GPT-4.

  • He talked about Sora, a technology that can create and understand different worlds, which could help AI assist in the real world through robotics.

  • Altman believes that computing power will become the most valuable resource in the future.

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

Video Dubbing - AI video translator with voice cloning & lip-syncing.

Will AI Replace Me? - Find out when AI will take your job based on your resume.

Abel - Review legal records 10x faster with AI.

Tailor - It creates and sends AI-generated news article summaries.

Podsynth - Test a mixture of LLMs with voice models.

Flowsage - It quickly and intuitively creates flowcharts.

🔗 Resources

Jailbreaking Claude 3 (WARNING).

Guide: Using ChatGPT for Podcast Suggestions.

Guide: An overview of key developments, insights, and practical tips for building LLM-based agents.

Looking for a job in the AI robotics field? Here is a list of 61 robotics companies that are hiring.

📰 Other AI News

Fake AI Livestream on YouTube Scamming Listeners.

Stability AI released Stable Video 3D. The new AI model is based on Stable Video Diffusion and creates high-quality and consistent 3D generations from a single image.

Midjourney Bans Trump & Biden Images.

Google DeepMind researchers just developed VLOGGER.

AI’s rise Is unstoppable, whatever government leaders do.

YouTube now requires creators to disclose when realistic content was made with AI.

Adobe Firefly repeats the same AI blunders as Google Gemini.

Amazon will let sellers paste a link so AI can make a product page.

😮 Interesting Contents

1/ Meet the World's Leading Humanoids. (you can click the image if it’s too small.)

2/ IT & Finance Are Likely to See the Most AI Changes.

3/ My fave part of this NVIDIA’s conference.

4/ Meta's new neural interface tracks signals from the brain that pass through the wrist.

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