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🐶 Amazon's virtual try-on tool

PLUS: The Future Of Searching

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Howdy and happy Wednesday, AI Family.

Let’s digest:

  1. 🛍️ Amazon's virtual try-on tool

  2. 🧠 Neuralink has implanted its first brain chip in human

  3. 🔍️ The Future Of Searching

  4. 👏 Yelp unveils AI business summaries

  5. 🗞️ + 9 other news you might like

  6. 🔍️ Tools, Tweets, and Resources

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Shopping online can often be a hit or miss because it's not easy to visualize products before you buy.

Amazon is hoping to change this with the introduction of Diffuse to Choose (DTC), which allows you to virtually try/see items in real time.

For shoppers:

  • This lets you see how any online store item would look in your home or wherever you want to use it. This will help you make better choices when buying.


Elon Musk's Neuralink has successfully implanted its first brain-computer interface in a human.

Key points:

  • This technology aims to eventually merge human thought with computers or smartphones to enable seamless interaction with AI.

  • Muck said that the first person in the study is recovering well and that initial results are showing promising neuron spike detection.

  • He predicts the Neurolink chip will be like a 'smartwatch in the brain.'


Strategic, high-quality marketing content is the essence of getting more leads, more sales, and faster growth for just about any business today.

But with so many AI tools, how do you get a structure that is simple, reliable, and gives you the result you want every single time?

DashNex AI makes it possible.

What used to take 17 or more steps and multiple AI tools takes just a few clicks and a single tool today.

DashNex AI is officially coming out in a few weeks. But since you're the AI Valley reader, I secured a special deal for you - you'll get 500 AI credits for free just by registering an account.


The Browser Company recently introduced Arc Search, a new mobile app that enhances your web searching.

It uses AI to gather and organize information, creating a personalized webpage for each query.

How it works:

  • Imagine you're inquiring about "XYZ." Rather than just a series of links, you get a neatly arranged page that includes a summary, essential facts, infographics, and related news - all conveniently assembled in one spot.

This app offers a glimpse of how the search will evolve in the future, with AI personally curating information for you.


Yelp is introducing a new feature on its iOS app to create short summaries of user reviews.

  • The new feature uses AI to parse through user feedback to highlight “what the business is best known for based on first-hand reviews.”


😮‍💨 OpenAI just made it a lot easier to add custom GPTs into ChatGPT


📈 Gozen AI - Grow your business organically without Ads by creating SEO-friendly content, and building an audience using AI.

🎯 Dart - A tool to manage tasks and workflows using AI assistance.

🔉 OpenVoice - A free tool to clone voices with style control and multilingual support.

📊 Supadash - AI-generated dashboard and charts from your database.

💼 Startilla - An idea validation and pitching tool for business development.




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