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PLUS: This humanoid robot can drive cars

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Today, we're exploring the latest in AI video and the future of robotics with Musashi, a humanoid robot built for autonomous driving.

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🐶 AI Fetch Of The Day

AI video technology is advancing rapidly: First, we had Sora, then Kling, and now Luma Labs, an AI startup mainly known for applying generative AI in the 3D modeling process, has introduced a new AI model called Dream Machine.

Dream Machine is trained directly on videos (though they haven't revealed which ones) and can generate 5-second clips from text and/or images. Its demos show quality similar to Sora's, but the clips are shorter.

The videos are eye-popping. And unlike Sora, you can actually try it for free on their website—generate up to 30 videos for free, though it might take a while due to high demand.

Why it matters:

Don't underestimate the potential impact of AI video generators on film production.

Hollywood is already integrating generative AI into the production pipeline for graphics, visual effects, dubbing, deepfakes, and postproduction. As the technology continues to advance, its influence on the industry will only grow.

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The research paper discusses the development of a musculoskeletal humanoid robot, Musashi, designed to perform autonomous driving tasks. It mimics the human body in detail with redundant sensors and a flexible body structure that are suitable for motions with complex environmental contact.

The robot is expected to sit down on the car seat, step on the acceleration and brake pedals, and operate the steering wheel by both arms.

However, Musashi's performance has limitations: When turning a corner, the robot only slowly lifted its foot off the brake pedal, resulting in a two-minute turn due to technical constraints and safety precautions.

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📈 Trend Chart/Visual

1/ Robotics will be the biggest industry in the world.

2/ OpenAI Revenue. 0 to $3B ARR in less than 2 years.

🤌 Quick Tech/AI updates

Sam Altman and Eddy Cue, senior vice president at Apple, during WWDC

  1. Apple will ‘Pay’ OpenAI for ChatGPT through distribution, not cash. Apple believes pushing OpenAI’s brand and technology to hundreds of millions of its devices is of equal or greater value than monetary payments.

  2. A researcher fired by OpenAI published a 165-page essay on what to expect from AI in the next decade.

  3. OpenAI's revenue is reportedly booming. The ChatGPT maker's annualized revenue is $3.4 billion according to a new report.

  4. SoftBank’s new AI makes angry customers sound calm on the phone.

  5. BeReal acquired by Voodo for €500M.

  6. YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads.

  7. Elon Musk abruptly dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI. The suit centered around OpenAI’s non-adherence to its original mission of creating AI technology for the benefit of humanity.

🔗 Useful AI Links

Trending Tools

  • Brilliant – get smarter + sharper with bite-sized, interactive lessons in AI, logic, data, programming, and more (and you can start for free) *

  • Autodesigner 2.0  - the most advanced design AI engine yet!

  • Suno AI - releases our Audio Input feature, where you can make a song from any sound!

  • Kaiber AI - introduces Motion Brush. Animate your visuals with precision.

  • Amnesia - the AI-Powered Educational Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game.

AI Findings/Resources

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1/ Disney’s robots are pretty cute

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