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  • 🐶 Adobe revealed 4 new AI heavy hitters 🤖

🐶 Adobe revealed 4 new AI heavy hitters 🤖

PLUS: X’s Sneaky New Ads Might Be Illegal

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  • 🤖 Adobe revealed 4 new AI heavy hitters

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Source: maginative

OpenAI has experienced a dramatic rise in revenue, reaching an annualized rate of $1.3 billion after a $540 Million loss last year, as disclosed by CEO Sam Altman.

This signifies a 30% growth since the summer, especially impressive when compared to their $28 million revenue in 2022. Their focus on advanced AI research and development has secured them a leading position in the highly competitive AI market.


Example of the new ad

Users on X (formerly Twitter) have reported new ads that look like regular tweets without clear "Ad" labels, possibly violating the US Federal Trade Commission Act against deceptive ad practices.

This makes it hard for users to distinguish between organic content and paid content. Such practices mandate that ads be clearly identified as ads.


 🔥 Computer vision has been solved.



🤖 Adobe revealed 4 new AI heavy hitters this week

During the annual Max conference, Adobe introduced a range of cutting-edge developments as part of its "Sneak" program. Some of the standout AI-driven prototypes include:

1/ Project Stardust:

An "object-aware editing engine" that recognizes individual objects in photos, enabling users to edit them seamlessly. It eliminates the need to manually "cut" objects and can generate new assets, mirroring Photoshop's text-to-image generator functionality.

2/ Project Primrose:

This looks more futuristic than some actual sci-fi movies.

Adobe just revealed a real-life interactive dress that changes design every second. Brands are going to use this to put sponsors on sports jerseys.

3/ Project Poseable:

This AI tool combines text-to-image generation with interactive 3D models. Users can automatically pose these models using 2D reference images, providing illustrators with a dynamic way to study poses.

4/ Project Dub Dub Dub:

A remarkable AI audio tool, it can translate voice recordings or video audio into several languages while preserving the original speaker's tone. This can streamline content dubbing processes and potentially reduce the need for external translation services.

5/ Project See-Through

This tool aims to simplify the task of removing unwanted reflections from photos taken through windows. If integrated, it could be a valuable addition to Adobe's suite of photo editing software.


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1/ Very Creepy



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