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🐶 6 times AI fooled the internet

PLUS: OpenAI Sora’s biggest rival is here

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Howdy, happy Saturday, AI family! 🐶

🧵Here are some useful AI updates and tools I gathered today:

  • 📹️ New Chinese video generation model beats OpenAI’s Sora

  • 📊 How to use AI with Excel without typing formulas

  • 👀 6 times AI fooled the internet

  • 🔍️ + new AI Tools, Resources, and other news

Ready, Set, Go…


generated by Kling AI

Kuaishou, a Chinese tech company, has introduced Kling, an AI model for hyper-realistic video generation. It can make videos up to two minutes long at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second, vs. Sora’s one-minute videos.

Kuaishou claims Kling correctly simulates the physical properties of the real world, including complex motion sequences. Using a diffusion transformer, it can also combine concepts and create fictional scenes, such as a cat driving a car through a busy city.

Why does it matter?

This Sora alternative is blowing everyone’s minds. It is becoming increasingly clear that China is catching up fast with the USA in AI.

Here are 10 wild examples of this tool.


From harnessing the power of new AI tools to developing your own revolutionary product — Brilliant helps you quickly build a solid foundation in AI.

The secret is Brilliant's massive library of bite-sized, interactive lessons that make it easy to level up in everything from LLMs and programming to math and data analysis.

  • Interactive learning is proven to be 6x more effective than watching videos. Their first-principles approach helps you master conceptual building blocks.

  • Progress through lessons and challenges tailored to your level.

Join 10 million people around the world and start your 30-day free trial today. Plus, AI Valley readers get a special 20% off a premium annual subscription.


📊 How to use AI with Excel without typing formulas

ChatGPT Prompt Structure:

"Write an Excel VBA macro to [goal]. My data starts at line X up to line X (counting the headers) in the following order:

[Paste your headers]

The name of the sheet is [name]."


"Write an Excel VBA macro to sort athletes by increasing age and create a bar chart: Athletes' Weight vs Sport. My data starts at line 3 up to line 376 (counting the headers) in the following order:

Name Sport Nationality Age Wt kg Ht

The name of the sheet is Sheet1."

ChatGPT will provide an Excel macro ready to use.


  1. Click "Copy code" to get the macro.

  2. Open Excel and go to the Developer tab. If it's not visible, right-click the ribbon → Customize the Ribbon → Check Developer.

  3. Click on Macros, enter a name, and click Create.

  4. In the window, paste the VBA code provided by ChatGPT and run it using the play button at the top.

You're done!


📈 Nvidia is now the second-most valuable company, overtaking Apple.

Cool updates/findings

  1. This AI Chatbot is trained to jailbreak other chatbots. Researchers used an open-source tool to generate malicious prompts that evade content filters in ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat.

  2. Apple has partnered with OpenAI to integrate the ChatGPT chatbot into the iPhone. It will allow OpenAI to access millions of Apple users while providing Apple with advanced AI technology to enhance its services.

  3. OpenAI publishes papers aimed at understanding the inside of LLM.

  4. Apple will announce the Passwords app next week.

  5. Eric Schmidt is secretly testing AI military drones in a wealthy Silicon Valley suburb.

  6. Wix’s new tool taps AI to generate smartphone apps.

  7. Stability AI’s Stable Audio Open can generate up to 47-second audio samples based on text descriptions. The open AI model is trained on data from 486,000 royalty-free music samples.

  8. Nothing’s next phone will be all about AI.

  9. Humane has issued an urgent warning to AI Pin owners, advising them to stop using the charging case due to a potential fire safety risk associated with certain battery cells supplied by a third-party vendor.

🥚 Eastereggs: Things can change in 7 months

Useful AI Links

🔍️ Trending Tools

  • Whisper - real-time in-browser speech recognition.

  • Driver AI - explains millions of lines of code in minutes instead of months.

  • Riffo - AI renaming to organize messy files.

  • Touring - the ultimate app for travelers, works literally everywhere.

  • Cartwheel - generates 3D animations from scratch to power up creators.

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👀 6 times AI fooled the internet

After generative AI went mainstream last year with the wide release of text-spewing chatbots, social media erupted with hyper-realistic images and sounds.

Here are some of the deepfakes that made a splash:

 1. The 'Balenciaga Pope' that was too good to be true

  • Generated using Midjourney

  • Views 20M+

2. The Weeknd and Drake collab that never happened

  • Created from scratch using AI by TikTok user Ghostwriter977

  • Views: 11M+

3. The 2001 Great Cascadia 9.1 Earthquake & Tsunami 

  • Generated using Midjourney

  • 1.2k Reddit Upvotes

4. Barrack Obama Speech

5. Fake Met Gala pictures of celebrities

  • Generated using Midjourney

  • Katy Pery mom believed this was her daughter attending Met Gala

6. Cybertruck Crash

  • Generated using Midjourney

These AI images are pretty realistic, but don’t you worry. You can easily detect these images if you know this.

That’s all for today

Thanks for reading. See you next time! Uff uff 🐶

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